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  1. Terry Habgood

    Hi , I am an old photographer (On local paper Surrey Advertiser since 1977 ) with more time on my hands now . Back when the Trans-atlantic races were on I was working then at Brands . Want to get back into photographing the interesting riders again . Could not find Phil’s dairy for 2015 . Cadwell is a bit far . Is there any chance you can let me know where he will be . Many thanks , terry Habgood .

  2. Martin Jones aka jona jones (actor rtd )

    My name is Martin Jones, I was born in Luton 1952 & went to William Austin primary school. There I had a wonderful, very attractive, teacher helping us with English grammer & to read etc. I was totally in love with this vision of beauty & would volunteer all the time to read my book to her just to be near her & smell her perfume.
    Then one day she came in all of a fluster, then we were told that her boyfriend, some poser on a motorbike apparently, had proposed to her !
    Phil you stole my first love you blighter, but I think the better man won.

  3. Gavan Caldwell

    Hi Phil I am doing a feature on the history of motorcycle racing helmets and thought their would be no better person to get a quote from
    Could you e-mail me a few thoughts and memories on your helmets – can you give me a comparison between your pudding helmet and your full face helmet
    What race did you wear your full face helmet and were you one of the first top riders to wear one – Where other riders reluctant in changing over to the full face helmet – – do you know who was the first rider to wear a full face helmet in the UK IOM TT or Grand Prixs

    Appreciate your help gavan caldwell 07876545321

  4. Ray Stokoe

    Hello, if Phil is reading this we did meet briefly while I was working for Bill Lacey, at his workshop in Slough just after you won the Senior Manx in 1960. Although my career has been in Motorsport, my first love has always been Motorcycles after being fortunate to work with Hailwood
    duting my time with Lacey. I would very much like a signed copy of Rebel Read, I have a Paypal account if you could email the details needed.
    I live in Germany and would be paying with Euro.
    Thanks for the memories , Ray

  5. Willi Mathies

    Hello Phil Greetings from Stuben am Arlberg sends you Willi. I hope so that you remember me know. I was 30 years ago in Stuben am Arlberg ski school and also your ski instructor. I would be very happy if you würdest.Hoffe Sign in to report me once you do that also. Greetings Willi

  6. Nick Bonham

    Thirty five years ago I agreed to go behind a recently retired multiple world champion motorcyclist on a two-man racing Bobsleigh on his first drive down the world famous St. Moritz bob track. Known to be the “Drivers Track” not at all like the artificial tracks that rely on the speed and strength of the crew in the first thirty metres – PR drove me down safely – one little mistake at the exit of “Horseshoe” the 180 degree left hand corner halfway down nearly dumped us on our heads – but we managed to stay on our runners and finished the course in good time …… Not many first timers would have made it to the finish on such a fast bob without brakes – PR was a natural bobber. I hope you are keeping well.
    Nick Bonham – former Vice Presidant of British Bobsleigh Association
    11 March 2014

  7. Paul Ault

    Met Phil on the metro train in Paris on 10/25/2013, it was a honor to meet him, got a picture and autograph, great man and racer, Thanks

  8. Roger Hughes

    I am writing a book about a rider Phil would have known and probably raced against. I am looking for a contact as Phil may be able to fill in some gaps for me.

    Roger Hughes

    1. Phil Norton

      Hi Roger,
      I have only just read your note on here of July 2013.
      If you’d like to contact me on 07941 975530 I may be able to help re contact if you’ve not already made contact.
      Phil N.

  9. Rupert Glascow

    I was only 15 when I first saw Phil in action at Brands Hatch. That was 1974. I managed to get to Brands several times after that and I am certain it was because I had become hooked on the smell of racing 2 stroke oil and Castrol R. That and the sound of a howling MV four. I never managed to get Phil’s autograph although I did get Franco Bonera’s in 76 (I think). I also distinctly recall Percy Tait’s rather soiled leathers in the paddock and a wonderfully growl from Slippery Sam. Other distinct and happy memories were of the John Player Norton team of Williams and ‘Crasher” Croxford.

    Oh happy days! I came across this web page by accident as was really delighted to see Phil still involved with bike sport after all this time. I wish him every happiness and hold him partially responsible for an obsession with two wheels that is still as strong as ever almost forty years later.

    1. Steve Dennis

      Je suis désolé, mais le magasin est fermé en ce moment pendant que nous travaillons avec Phil quelle marchandise qu’il veut vendre en 2013.

      Merci Google Translate :)

  10. Ian Bottomley

    Does Phil Read ( a long held Hero of mine ) remember, in the late 1960s or early 1970s, after achieving one of his many Victories at the Isle of Man TT Race, being approached by one of the Scouts brandishing a hunting knife with a razor sharp blade and asking him for his race number, stitched onto his leathers. I have to confess – I was that Scout! I can still see the Surprise/Shock/Fear in his eyes.

    For us (Scouts) it was a major achievement to get the back number of a Race Winner, Much to my delight and astonishment, the Great Phil Read, agreed, but not with the knife I had in my hand, I recall him saying. His wife volunteered to remove his back number for me with her pair of small scissors, and they both then presented me with it!

    My only regret is that I have lost track of the ‘Number’, but a Hero of mine left me with a fantastic memory of a great, and generous, Champion!

    Thank you.

  11. gavin matson

    Phil is not the only man to win a GP world Title as a privateer. Jon Ekerold won the 350 world Championship on a specially framed privateer Yamaha.

  12. angelo giovannini

    Finally the site is back up the Prince of speed.
    Welcome back Phil I hope to see you soon in Italy
    and in the words of a magazine nel1974 PHINALMENTEMV