WebShop Open Again!

WebShop Open Again!

We have received new stocks of our famous Phil Read Replica Cap – available online for £20 + P&P. Just go to our shop page.

Postage rates calculated on your location when you checkout, including overseas addresses.

Also available in € and US$ – just select the location pulldown on the shop page.

3 thoughts on “WebShop Open Again!

  1. Roger Hughes

    I am writing a book about a rider Phil would have known and probably raced against. I am looking for a contact as Phil may be able to fill in some gaps for me.

    Roger Hughes

    1. Phil Norton

      Hi Roger,
      I have only just read your note on here of July 2013.
      If you’d like to contact me on 07941 975530 I may be able to help re contact if you’ve not already made contact.
      Phil N.

  2. Rupert Glascow

    I was only 15 when I first saw Phil in action at Brands Hatch. That was 1974. I managed to get to Brands several times after that and I am certain it was because I had become hooked on the smell of racing 2 stroke oil and Castrol R. That and the sound of a howling MV four. I never managed to get Phil’s autograph although I did get Franco Bonera’s in 76 (I think). I also distinctly recall Percy Tait’s rather soiled leathers in the paddock and a wonderfully growl from Slippery Sam. Other distinct and happy memories were of the John Player Norton team of Williams and ‘Crasher” Croxford.

    Oh happy days! I came across this web page by accident as was really delighted to see Phil still involved with bike sport after all this time. I wish him every happiness and hold him partially responsible for an obsession with two wheels that is still as strong as ever almost forty years later.


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